Mum to a handsome 4yr old boy, wife to the (still) gorgeous guy I started dating at the age of 19, and photographer with a wild heart, a gypsy soul...a dreamer.

I'm a Pinterest addict with too many 'wanna-do-DIY-projects', a love for quirky things, admiration for super mums, talented creatives and inspired by those who won't give up on their passions or dreams ;)
I totally annoy my husband with my love for old music (think 1950's-mid 1970's and anything Country).  

I love : big bonfires, starry nights, mountains, the ocean...

I wish I could : play guitar or the harmonica (I own both but can't play! haha) 

My biggest heart-melt : the smile of my son. 

Best feeling as a parent : having those little arms in cuddles around your neck!

Why I became a Photographer:  I'm a very sentimental person and I can spend hours going through old family photographs. To me, photographs are probably the most valuable, tangible memory and keepsake anyone can have of any given time in their lives.   A great photograph is a piece of art that needs to be cherished -  everyone deserves to have those precious moments captured in print to display on their walls or albums, and to share with generations to come!  

As a photographer, I believe I'm giving my clients something special, and I feel very blessed I get to do what I am so passionate about!

"all good things are Wild and Free"

                         - Henry David Thoreau

Since I started out as a photographer, my style has changed to reflect my own passions and personality.  My unique style can be described as Country-boho.  I love to capture the free spirited nature of children, peaceful joy of babies and the wild hearts of couples in love.   

Thank you visiting my page. I hope that you enjoy my art as much as I love creating it.

Go now... run wild, barefoot and free!